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Ekin Textile was found in 1986. Ekin Textile manufactures clothes from knitted fabrics and serves in the daily industry sector in international scale..

70% of the production capacity is knitted, 15% is made of knitwear and the remaining 15% is made of woven fabric.

⁠⁠⁠Our company is working globally since 1990 and we have continued to prepare collections to meet global customers expectations by combining our skills of design and original creativity. .


manufacture and design of textile products


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Institutional Structure

With 30 years of deep-rooted history, it is one of the few companies that make every stage of production from production to design, from slaughter to printing, from printing to sewing..


Professional Team

He has carefully selected his employees and brought together a professional, fast, systematic and disciplined team in his field. One of your priorities is the happiness of your employees.


Visioned Management

Ekin Tekstil has accepted to be one of the main activities to act in accordance with the social and ethical rules in harmony with the expectations of the employees and the environment.


Technology and Quality

Our Mission; Production design, bringing the imagination power with the technology and absolute quality in order to take place in the top of the knitting world.

Our business grows
with quality

Analysis, Statistics and Management

You will go one step further with the special market research, statistical table deductions and professional analysis method.

Systematic Operation and Institutionality

You will make the right choices at the right time and you will further develop your product portfolio with the design that suits you.

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